China Sunsine won the Best Investor Relations Bronze Award for companies with $300 million to less than $1 billion in market capitalization in Singapore Corporate Award 2019

China Sunsine Awards 2020

2019 Green Development Model Enterprise 2019年度绿色发展典范企业
2020 Shandong Chemical Potential Top 50 2020山东化工发展潜力 五十强企业
2020 Heze Internet Safety Defensive Excellent Enterprise 2020年菏泽市网络安全攻防演练防守单位 优秀奖
2020 China Rubber Chemical Outstanding Supplier 2020年度中国橡胶制品行业优秀供应商
2020 China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Speciality Manufacturing Enterprise Top 100 (ranked 29th) 2020中国石油和化工企业专用化学品制造业百强企业第29名)
2020 China Petroleum and Chemical Enterprise Top 500 Independent Production and Management Rank 140 2020中国石油和化工企业500强独立生产、经营企业第140名
2020 China Petroleum and Chemical Enterprise Top 500 2020中国石油和化工企业500强
2020 China Fine Chemical Top 100 2020中国精细化工百强
China Petroleum and Chemical Private Company Top 100 by Sales Revenue 中国石油和化工民营企业 销售收入排序百强
2020 Shandong Petroleum and Chemical Enterprise Top 100 Innovation Index Top 40 2020山东省石油和化学工业百强企业创新指数排行榜前四十强
2020 Wanda Tire Research and Innovation Award 2020年度万达轮胎 研发创新奖
Weifang Sunsine was awarded as 2019 Top 20 Tax Payer 潍坊尚舜化工有限公司获2019年度纳税二十强企业
Weifang Sunsine was awarded as Health Promotion Enterprise 潍坊尚舜化工有限公司获健康促进企业

China Sunsine Membership

Member of Rubber Industry Association of PRC 中国橡胶工业协会主席团成员单位
Member of Rubber Accelerators Industry Association of PRC 中国化工学会会员单位
Member of Chinese Chemical Society 中国橡胶工业协会助剂专业委员会副理事长单位
Member of Shandong Province Rubber Industry Association 山东省橡胶行业协会副理事长单位
Deputy Chairman of Green Manufactory Committee of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of PRC 中国化工学会橡塑产品绿色制造专业委员会副主任委员单位
Member of China Green Development Union 中国绿色发展联盟理事单位
Member of Shandong High Quality Chemical Industry Alliance 山东省高端化工发展促进会理事单位
Executive Vice President of Heze, China International Chamber of Commerce 中国国际商会菏泽商会常务副会长单位
Executive Member of Heze Foundation For Juctice and Courage 菏泽市见义勇为基金会常务理事单位