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China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd is probably the largest producer of rubber accelerator in PRC and the world.

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 Date Institutions Analyst Report
 9 Nov 2016 KGI Fraser  Renfred Tay

3Q2016 Results Update Maintain Buy

 22 Sept 2016 KGI Fraser  Renfred TayCompany Update Maintain Buy
 3 Mar 2016 KGI Fraser  Renfred Tay

4Q15 Company Update Maintain Buy

 11 Nov 2015 KGI Fraser Renfred Tay3Q2015 Results Update- Maintained BUY
 12 Aug 2015 KGI Fraser  Renfred Tay1H2015 Results Update

 2 Mar 2015

 KGI Fraser

  Renfred Tay

 FY2014 Results Update

 23 Sept 2014

 Lim & Tan

  Eric Ong

Company Note
 23 Sept 2014 CIMB  Roy Chen / William Tng Plant Visit Note/Eco-consciousness rewards
 22 Sept 2014 Maybank Kim Eng  Benjamin OhPlant Visit Note
 11 Aug 2014 AmFraser Renfred TayOn track to a record year of profit
 30 July 2014 AmFraser Renfred TayExpect a big jump in earnings
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