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China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd is probably the largest producer of rubber accelerator in PRC and the world.

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1. What is the company's registered office details?

112 Robinson Road, #12-04 Singapore 068902

2. How can I check how many China Sunsine shares I hold?

You can apply for an account on the Central Depository (Pte) Limited website (, which provides immediate and secure access to your shareholdings and current portfolio whenever you wish.

3. How can I buy and sell my China Sunsine ordinary shares? 

You can set up a trading account with one of the brokerage houses in Singapore. Alternatively, you may wish to approach your remiser, private banker or trading representative.

4. How can I contact China Sunsine's registrars?     

You can write to our registrar at:
Tricor Barbinder Share Registration Services
8 Cross Street #11-00
PWC Building
Singapore 048424

What kind of shares does China Sunsine have in issue?   

Only 1 class of ordinary shares, all equal voting rights

6. How can I find out the price of China Sunsine's ordinary shares?     

SGX website or your broker

7. Can I have my China Sunsine's ordinary share dividends paid directly into my bank account?   

Yes if your bank account is linked to CDP which will credit directly any dividends paid held under CDP on behalf of shareholders

8. Does China Sunsine have a dividend policy? 

We do not have a formal dividend policy. However we have dividends in June2008 of Singapore 1 cent per ordinary share.

9. Can I obtain a replacement for an out-of-date dividend cheque? 

Yes. Those who hold physical share certificates may contact Registrar. For CDP depositors, they have to contact CDP.  

10. Can I use my dividends to buy more China Sunsine shares?     

Yes, when you receive your cash dividend, instruct your  broker to buy more China Sunsine shares at the prevailing market price

11. What happens if I have lost my dividend cheque/tax voucher?    

Please write CDP and inform them about the lost of dividend cheque/tax voucher. They help you to get a replacement. For scripholder, contact registrar.

12. Who do I need to notify of my change of address?    

Inform CDP which will inform all brokerage houses in singapore

13. What do I do if I have lost my share certificate?  

Inform registrar.

14. Who should I advise of my change of name?     

Inform the CDP

15. How can I transfer shares as a gift into another person's name?    

Go to CDP or your broker who will advise accordingly

16. Does China Sunsine produce an environmental report? 

No, but we do cover our compliance to environmental standards in our next Annual Report

17. Who should I contact if I have a general shareholder query?    

Contact our registrar

18. Who should I contact to register the death of a shareholder?   

 Notify CDP on the death of a shareholder. Require for registration of certified true copy of Grant of Probate / Letter of Administration.

19. Can I choose to receive shareholder documents electronically? 

Registrar will send to all shareholder documents such as the annual reports, notices of AGM, circular etc on behalf of company.

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