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China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd is probably the largest producer of rubber accelerator in PRC and the world.

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We place great emphasis on and adhere to stringent quality controls. We have implemented stringent quality control measures at different stages of our production process.

These quality control measures seek to ensure that the quality of our products meet the relevant standards as well as the expectations of our customers in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Our production facility also provides a safe working environment for all our employees. Our internal quality control measures, from the sourcing and procurement of raw materials to the delivery of our finished goods, adhere closely to the ISO guidelines.

Our commitment to quality is evidenced by the accreditation and certification achieved by us for our quality assurance.

Our quality assurance division is headed by our quality assurance manager, under the supervision of our Executive Director, Ma Ying Qun and supported by quality assurance personnel.

They are responsible for overall quality control at every stage of our production process and work closely with the heads of other division to ensure that our production process is in accordance with our quality control guidelines.

Since July 2000, we have been accredited with the ISO9001:2000 certification by SQC for our quality management system.

Health & Safety-GB/T 28001-2001

Due to the nature of our business, we handle harmful, toxic and flammable raw material. Hence, we have put in place comprehensive safety and environmental protection measures. Such measures are regulated by the relevant government authorities and are subject to periodic and spot checks by the authorities.

We have deployed safety equipment and facilities to ensure safe production and to protect our staff’s safety. We require our staff to undertake proper precautions when dealing with the harmful and toxic materials and  them frequent safety training programmes and seminars to constantly familiarize and update our staff on safety precautions and measures during the production process and within our production facility.

We provide the relevant safety training and tests for our new employees to ensure that they are familiar with the operation of the production machinery and equipment as well as the safety precautions and procedures during production process.

We are awarded the “Enterprise of Good Policy and Facility in Safety Production”by the Shandong Provincial Administration of Work Safety Committee in January 2006 in recognition of our safety control system at our premises.

Since 2008, we have been accredited with the GB/T 28001-2001 by SQC for our Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Environmental Initiatives-ISO14001:2004

We have equipped each of our production facility with a comprehensive wastewater treatment plant and a sulphur recycling facility.

During the production process, wastewater is produced which may potentially cause pollution. The wastewater treatment plant is used to treat the wastewater such that it fulfills the regulatory standard. The wastewater treatment and recycling process is closely monitored by the relevant local government authority which assigns an authorized personnel to station at our production facility to constantly monitor the quality of the treated water.

During our production process, waste gas hydrogen sulphide is produced, and it is toxic and has harmful effects on human health and the environment. Our sulphur recycling plant extracts sulphur from the hydrogen sulphide for re-use in our production process, such as for the production of our thiazoles accelerator, MBT. With the introduction of advanced transforming equipment and facilities in 2007, the recovery rate of hydrogen sulphide achieves 99%. This recycling helps us save cost amounting to about RMB10-20 million per annum.

Since 2008, we have been accredited with the ISO14001:2004 for our Environment Management System.

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